Chef Christophe Jourdren, master Restorer

Our Chef Christophe Jourdren offers gourmet cuisine of high quality in the respect of the traditions. Love of his craft, he brings a particular care to the composition of its dishes by choosing only fresh and seasonal products. He reinvents his menus according to its inspirations and makes it a point of honour to achieve its preparations with copper pans. For him, the service rises to the rank of real art, or even show, where every detail has its importance. Chef Christophe Jarral is awarded the title of master Restaurateur in his restaurant in the Bay of Saint tropez. He also distinguished himself on the Bottin Gourmand and a toque by Gault and Milau. Discover his testimony during his gratification by Pierre Soubelet, prefect of Var, the title of master Restaurateur, in April 2015.

What does this title, Christophe?

It is a voluntary approach on my part, which is to respond to a memorandum of a specification, put in place by the Government. It is in front of a 100% home kitchen. prepared with fresh seasonal produce and made minute. It is a recognized quality cuisine that enhances the expertise of the Epicurean.

What is the kitchen you love concoct?

I leave to the taste of the day exclusively French gourmet classic cuisine, and in the largest respect of the traditions I use copper pans. I like the kitchen of the 50s and 60s, we serve a house protocol. We serve English: it is the service to the plate with tongs or forks. We also serve Russian: it is the service to the customer, cutting, completed sauce minute, and we serve the French: it is the service under Bell. Our clients come to eat but also witness the spectacle of the service! I attach great importance to the detail, I mix my dishes in the four corners of France, furniture of quality porcelain, silverware and topping are part of the decor also!

Do you work with local producers?

I am a stalwart of the market, I like that of Cavalaire and la Croix-Valmer! I have suppliers of high quality for the meat (red label) and fish. I have my small addresses for the burrata and the Spanish charcuterie, cheese is with a refiner from large renowned master I work with. These products are to enjoy around the table host or bar cheese for a moment of conviviality to share!

How many menus do you suggest?

I change my map of tasting menus every 10 days. We suggest our gourmet menus ranging from 7, 5 and 3 seeded between appetizers and desserts. I choose the mets over the seasons and over my inspirations

How do you revisit desserts?

I Cook traditional desserts, floating islands, crepes, thousand sheets in light cream and strawberry garriguettes... But everything is minute, editing, filling! It is what gives the difference in taste!